Leopard Ecology & Conservation Leopard and Lion Research

Our Team

Nature conservation work must directly benefit the local population. For this reason, LEC offers employment opportunities to people from the surrounding area. The local team is complemented by specialists who take care of the various aspects of professional project management and by international scientists.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

LEC Management

Monika Schiess-Meier, Managing Director, Project Founder
Dr Nicole Gusset, General Management
Alessandro Araldi, Research Coordinator
Fabian Haas, Education & Community Coordinator
Phana Segametsi Kegakilwe
, Administrator
Marianne Köpfler, Project Management Assistant
Philipp Schiess, IT Infrastruktur


Alessandro Araldi, Research Coordinator
Dr Genevieve Finerty, Research Biologist
Dr David Mills, Leopard Research Biologist
Pogiso Ithuteng, Field Assistant/ Tracker Supervisor
Sokwa Pudidaroma, Tracker/General Hand
Phalatsa Nkadima, Tracker/General Hand
Mosepele Mamou, Tracker/General Hand
Supula Monnaanoka, Tracker/General Hand

Education Programme

Fabian Haas, Education & Community Coordinator
Frances Hannah,
Field Conservation Coordinator
Tefo Gabanapelo, Education & Community Project Advisor
Kebaabetswe Alfred Mosweu, Education & Community Project Officer
Keolebetse Otukile, Community Liaison Assistant
Kefilwe Mumsy Mokgwathi, Education & Community Assistant
Tshoganetso Gagosimologe, Education Officer


Kobe Majafe, Camp Maintenance Manager
Goitseone Ithuteng, Logistics / Housekeeper Supervisor /Assistant Cook
Tebelelo Gabaikanye, Camp Administration and Research Assistant
Komano Motsididi, Camp Administration and Education & Community Project Assistant
Neo Mosikare, Cook
Sebakeng Gabotshwanelwe, Laundry/Assistant Housekeeper
Masente Ithuteng, Camp Maintenance Assistant


Ditshupo Kegakilwe, Gaborone Housekeeper