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Looking for a C&E Programme Officer (100%)

Leopard Ecology & Conservation (LEC) is a project that promotes the long-term survival of leopard and lion populations in Botswana by integrating conservation and community education. The mission of the LEC’s Community and Education Programme is to address the human-wildlife conflict prevalent in our current study area. It aims to achieve this by initiating and implementing a long-term, sustainable program to help livestock farmers around Khutse Game Reserve raise their livestock in the presence of free-roaming predators and to support the sustainable use of natural resources in the local community.

For our field camp in Khutse, we are looking for a highly motivated, English and Setswana speaking, experienced, hands-on and reliable C&E Programme Officer (100%). The C&E Programme Officer focuses on the project management, supervision of the implementation, development of new ideas, coordination of the projects and the corresponding activities and the local stakeholder management.

To be our C&E Programme Officer of choice, you have to be an English and Setswana speaking Motswana holding a driving license and having a university degree in the field of environmental or social science. Furthermore, you should have experience as project manager and in the field of environmental education and/or sustainable development.

It is a full-time position based in Khutse with an initial 3-year contract with option of renewal with starting date on 1st October or as soon as possible. Application deadline: 24th September 2023.

For more information check out our job advertisment.